Member Benefits

Members of EPSCA receive the following benefits:

  • Members have input and the right to participate in changes to the constitution and bylaws
  • Members are eligible to stand for election to the EPSCA Board of Directors
  • Only members can vote in the election of the EPSCA Board of Directors
  • Members are eligible to participate on EPSCA negotiation committees
  • Members are eligible to participate on other special or standing committees as established by the Board of Directors
  • EPSCA provides assistance to its members in administering and interpreting the collective agreement as well as assistance and guidance in scheduling and conducting markup meetings
  • Members are protected from province wide certification in the ICI

Who can become a member of EPSCA?

Membership is open to any Employer who operates a business in the construction industry with the exception of those supplying only materials, machinery or equipment. Membership is subject to approval by the EPSCA Board of Directors. If you are a construction employer interested or involved in work at an OPG, Bruce Power or Hydro One site you should seriously consider joining EPSCA and we would be glad to discuss the opportunity with you further.

Applying for a Membership

To obtain a membership application package or further information about membership, please contact the EPSCA Office at 416-213-0266 or fill out the following web form